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How Do I Check Discrete Timing in Eos?


You can apply timing to a channel, which is known as "Discrete Timing".
This is represented by a lower case "t" in the bottom right corner of the channel.

To check what timing is currently set for that channel press and hold the [About] Key and press [Time].
This will show information on what timing is set for that channel.
You will see two numbers in this layout: # / #.  the first number is a delay time in seconds.  The second number is a dwell time in seconds.

Note-Icon.png [About]+[Time] is for software versions 2.6.x and later.  For older software versions, use [Shift]+[Time] could be held to view discrete timing.

If you would like to remove discrete timing from a channel, simply select that channel, and give it a blank value for time.

Ex: [1][Thru][5][Time][Enter]

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