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How to Enable and Disable Tracking in Eos


Tracking is an important part of the Eos programming philosophy and is enabled by default.

In some cases, a user may want to disable tracking while programming a show so that cues can be recorded as independent looks, as opposed to having data move forward until reaching a move instruction.

For more information on how tracking works, please see the Eos Operations Manual or the Eos Video Learning Series.

Steps to Solution

  1. In the Browser (file menu) choose {Setup}.
  2. In version 2.7 or later, choose {User} softkey or double click {User} under {Setup}
    1. In older versions, choose {Desk} softkey or double click {Desk Settings} under {Setup}
  3. Click the box labeled {Track} to toggle between Cue Only Mode and Tracking Mode.

Note: the function of the [Q Only / Track] button changes depending on whether the console is in Tracking Mode or Cue Only Mode.  It always performs the non-default action (so in Tracking Mode, it posts "CueOnly" to the command line).