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Moving Light Pan and Tilt Effects Not Working Correctly


When I run a Pan/Tilt effect, such as the Figure Eight, the fixtures are not following the correct Path.  Pan is working, but Tilt is barely moving, or vice versa.

Explanation of Issue

Is your moving light fixture starting the effect from its home position? If so, this is the reason for the issue.  the effect is giving the fixture a set of instruction to move in a particular shape, but that shape gets distorted if the fixture has to start or pass through its home position while running the effect.  This is due to the fixture's pan and tilt information shifting into a different direction.  An example of this would be trying to run a circle shaped effect but when the fixture hits its home position the values invert and the circle becomes a figure eight.


  1. Pan or tilt the fixture far enough outside of its home position so it does not affect the Eos effect being run; or
  2. Alter the size of the shape so that the fixture does not pass through its home value as part of the effect; or
  3. Use a Combination of both steps 1 and 2 to find a suitable solution.
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