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Release sACN vs Draft sACN in Eos Family Software v2.7.0 and v2.7.1


I updated my console to v2.7.0 or v2.7.1 and I cannot communicate with some of my Net3 equipment.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Eos Family Console Software v2.7.0 and v2.7.1 introduce a bug that caused the console to output Release Version sACN only, even if the copnsole is set to Draft Version sACN.  Draft version sACN is a version of sACN before the standard was completed that ETC used on some early Net3 equipment and software versions.  

This Bug is to be fixed is Eos Family software v2.7.2.  


  1. Update software to v2.7.2
  2. Can also update software of the Draft version equipment to a software version that is compatible with Release version sACN.  

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