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Submaster Data Persisting after Recording Cue


If you use submasters to set levels for channels and then record those levels into a cue, the submaster levels do not go away automatically and will need to be released.

For example:

  • sub 1 is brought to full
  • cue 1 is recorded using the levels captured in sub 1
  • if you then type [gotocue] [out], you will notice the channels originally captured in sub 1 are still up
  • to release the sub data, you need to type [sub] [1] [at] [out] [enter]

There is another way to work around this situation, which is to use {make man}

{Make Man} is short for 'make manual', which can take submaster data and convert it to manual data. Once the data becomes manual, it can be recorded into a cue as normal.

To use {Make Man}:

  • set the submaster(s) as desired
  • use the following syntax: [chan] [x] {make man} [enter]
    • X being the channels captured by a submaster
  • Note that the color of the data will turn from yellow to red
  • proceed with recording as normal
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