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Why Am I Seeing "Patch Limit Exceeded" On An Eos Family Console?


When I try and control my fixtures in Live, I get the error message "Patch Limit Exceeded." It tells me I won't be able to output certain channels.

Explanation of Issue

All Eos Family consoles and ETCnomad USB dongles have a preset limit of addresses that they are able to output to. To determine what your address limit is, go into Live, and press the "About" key. Look for the "System Count" number. This is the amount of addresses your console can output to.

If you patch more addresses than your console is capable of outputting to, it will result in the "Patch Limit Exceeded" error described above. The console will automatically disable output of any channels that contain addresses above the limit.

For example, imagine you have a console with a 512 address limit, and you patch 180 RGB fixtures. You will have patched 540 addresses total (one address per parameter per fixture), and will be 28 addresses over your limit. Assuming you've patched these fixtures to the first 180 channels, your console will automatically prevent channels 171-180 from outputting.


The first option is to unpatch some of your fixtures.

  1. Go to Patch.
  2. Select the channel(s) of the fixture(s) you want to unpatch.
  3. Type "At Enter" and type Enter again to confirm.
    1. For example, [Chan 1 At Enter Enter]
  4. This will remove the addresses from that channel, but leave the Type the same.

The other option is to purchase an upgrade code from your ETC dealer that will unlock additional outputs on your console or ETCnomad dongle. This code can be entered in the Settings of the console, and instantly unlocks the additional addresses for you to output to.