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Expression 2-3 Programming Cheat Sheet

Basic Operations

Patch dimmers to channels

In [Patch] display:

  • Enter dimmer number(s).  Can use [And] and [Thru] commands. Press Enter.
  • Enter channel number .Press Enter

To unpatch dimmers

In Patch display:

  • Enter dimmer number(s). You can use [And] and [Thru] commands to select multiple channels. Press Enter.
  • Enter channel number. Press Enter.

Setting channels at levels

  • Chan N At XX
  • Chan N Full
  • Chan N {Finger on Trackpad}
  • Chan N At [+] or [-]

Record a cue

  • Set channels at desired levels. 
  • Press Record.
  • Enter the cue number. Press Enter.

Changing fade time on a cue

  • Select Cue number 
  • Press Time.
  • Enter upfade time. Press Enter.
  • Enter downfade time. Press Enter. (If no difference from upfade time, just press Enter.)

Delete a cue

In Blind display:

  • Select S6 Softkey {Delete Cue}
  • Enter cue number to be deleted. 
  • Press Enter. Press Enter again to confirm.

Record a submaster

  • Set channels at desired levels. 
  • Press Record then Sub.
  • Enter the sub number.
  • Press Enter.
  • Press Record.
  • Press the bump button of the sub where you want the look recorded. 

Delete a submaster

In Blind display:

  • Press Sub.
  • Select S6 Softkey {Delete Sub}
  • Enter sub number to be deleted. Press Enter.
  • Press Enter again to confirm.

Save show to Disk

In Setup display:

  • Select menu item 3 -- Disk Functions. 
  • Select menu item 1 -- Write show to disk. Press Enter. Press Enter again to confirm.   

Effects (Chases)

Creating a simple chase

  • Press [Blind] [Cue] [100] [Type] [3]. 
  • Press [S1], Step, and enter [1] [Thru] [1] [0]. Press [Enter].  
  • Press [1] [Thru] [1][0], the range of channels to assign to the steps. Press [S8] -- Add Channels. 
  • Channels are assigned to steps as indicated above; see chart below.
  • Press [Record] [Enter]. 
Steps Channels
Step 1 1
Step 2 2
Step 3 3
Step 4 4
Step 5 5
Step 6 6
Step 7 7
Step 8 8
Step 9 9
Step 10 10

Assigning attributes

  • Press [S7] -- More Softkeys, then [S8] -- Attribute.
  • Select attributes from the softkeys on the screen. All effects are either Positive or Negative.
  • Additional Attributes include: Alternate, Reverse, Bounce, Build and Random

Note: To remove an attribute, select it again.  It is helpful to take time to play with a simple effect, changing its attributes, its timing and its low and high levels.

Working with Moving Lights

Patching fixtures

In Setup display:

Select Menu item 15, Moving Light Functions Select Menu item 2, Fixture Patch Enter fixture number(s). Can use [And] and [Thru] commands Press [Enter] to move through columns.In the Personality column, use [+] and [-] to select personalities. Enter Start Channel.Enter DMX Port and Starting Address[1] [Enter] [1] [Enter].

Working with the fixture window

  • Press [S8]-- Fixture [1] [Enter] [1][Thru] [-] selects all fixtures. 
  • [+] or [-] scrolls thru fixture numbers or scrolls thru attributes on selected page­ or the page buttons scroll thru attribute pages

Record a focus point

  • Aim fixtures at desired location. 
  • Check Intensity On, Open strobes/irises, motor speed settings.
  • Position each fixture on the selected area.
  • Press [Record] then [Focus Point]. Enter the number.Press [Enter].

Setting fixtures at focus points

  • Fixture N At FP X Enter 
  • Can use [And] and [Thru] commands 
  • Fixture N Only [Category] At FP X Enter 
  • Categories: Position, Color, Beam, Image

Update focus points

  • Aim fixture(s) at new or changed location. 
  • Press [S2]-- Update then [Focus Point]. Enter the number. Press [Enter].