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A / B Faders and Buttons Not Controlling Cues on an Express


The A/B faders and buttons on my Express console no longer control my cues or cuelist. The C/D faders and buttons are working properly.

Explanation of Issue

Express consoles with two banks of faders for controlling channels and/or submasters (Express 24/48, 48/96, and 72/144) have multiple operating modes they can be put into.

  • Two scene
    • This mode makes the top bank and the bottom bank control the same channels, in a manner similar to older, two-scene-style boards.
  • One scene without subs
    • This mode assigns channel control to both banks of faders.
  • One scene with subs
    • This mode assigns channel control to the top bank of faders, and submaster control to the bottom bank.

In Two scene mode, the A/B faders and buttons no longer control cues, but instead control the crossfade between the two scenes set by the two banks of faders.


  1. Hit the Setup button, and type 1, Enter to select "System Settings."
  2. Type 15, Enter to select "Scene Mode." It will likely already be set to "Two scene."
  3. Type 2, Enter to select "One scene without subs," if you want all your faders to control channels.
  4. Alternatively, type 3, Enter to select "One scene with subs," if you want one bank of faders to control channels, and the other to control submasters.
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