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Express: One Row of Channel Faders are Unresponsive


On an Express 24/48, 48/96, or 72/144, one row of channel faders does not control its channels. The working row may not control the correct channels; if the bottom row is working, it may be controlling channels for the top row.

These symptoms are caused by the console being in two-scene mode. In two-scene mode, the top and bottom rows control the same channels, and the A/B faders crossfade between the levels set by the two rows.

Steps to Solution

  1. Press the [Setup] key
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Under Scene Mode, select One-Scene.
    1. If your console is an Express 24/48, the prompt that appears at step 3 reads Select scene mode, then press ENTER (1 = Two scene, 2 = One scene without subs, 3 = One scene with subs). Selection 3 sets the bottom row of sliders to submasters rather than channel sliders when you are in the one scene mode.
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