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Channel check in Express consoles

Use a Channel Check to check which channel controls which light. The console allows you to check channels by selecting a single channel and flashing it to a level. Once you have selected a channel you can then advance sequentially through the channels, checking one at a time. You may start a channel check with any channel.

Follow these steps to run a channel check:

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage display
Prompt reads:
Select channel numbers
2. Press [Channel] [1]. Corner reads: Chan 1
3. Press [S7],
More Softkeys
4. Press and hold [S8], Flash. Sets channel 1’s level to 100 percent if its current level is at or below 50 percent
Sets channel 1’s level to zero if its current level is above 50 percent
5. While holding [S8], press [+] or [–] to select the next or previous channel. Flashes each channel in turn
6. Once you have checked all the channels, release [S8], Flash.  

31If a channel is independent, it will not flash in response to a channel check.

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