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Copying focus points on Express consoles

You may copy a focus point in Stage or Blind with small differences in the procedure and prompts.

Proceed as follows in Stage:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage display
2. Press [Focus Point]. Prompt reads:
Group mode – Select focus point to use as group
3. Press [1]. Selects focus point 1 to copy
Corner reads: Focus 1
4. Press [Full]. Prompt reads:
Group mode – Press AT or use wheel or trackpad to alter levels, or select channel numbers to edit
5. Once the focus point is displayed, press [Record] [Focus Point].a Prompt reads:
To record focus point, select number and press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR
6. Press [5] [Enter]. Enters the number of the new focus point and completes the Copy.
Corner reads: Focus 5

To copy a focus point’s channels and levels to a cue or a submaster, press [Cue] or [Sub] in place of [Focus Point] in step 5.

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