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Creating Subroutines in Express

Create subroutines in the Blind display. A subroutine can have up to 100 steps. Each step lists a cue or a style.

To create a subroutine, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Create the cues you want to use in your subroutine.  
2. Press [Blind]. Displays Blind mode screen
3. Press [Cue] [7]. Selects cue 7
4. Press [Type]. Displays fade type menu Prompt reads:
Select fade type
(1 = Crossfade, 2 = Allfade, 3 = Effect, 4 = Subroutine or 5=Blocking)
5. Press [4], Subroutine Select subroutine fade type
Prompt reads:
Select step number(s), then press ENTER
6. Press [1] []. Selects step 1. Prompt reads:
Enter cue number to fade, or press STYLE to change step type
7. Press [1] []. Selects cue 1 for step 1
Prompt reads:
Enter type of cue
(1 = Crossfade, 2 = Allfade, 3 = Blocking)
8. Press [1]. Designates cue as a crossfade within the subroutine. Prompt reads:
Enter intensity
9. Press [5][5]. Selects a level of 55 percent for the cue within the subroutine
Prompt reads:
Enter upfade time
10. Press [8] []. Sets an upfade time of 8 seconds Prompt reads:
Enter downfade time
11. Press []. Sets a downfade time of 8 seconds Prompt reads:
Enter follow time
12. Press [2][0]. Sets a follow time of 20 seconds.
1 is now complete
13. Press [S1], Step, [2] [Enter]. Selects step 2 to edit
14. Repeat steps 7 through 13. Adds additional steps to the subroutine
15. Press [S1], Step, [6] [Enter]. Selects step 6 to edit
16. Press [S8], Style, to select a subroutine style. (You may need to press [S7], More Softkeys, first.) Prompt reads:
Select style of subroutine command (1 = Loop, 2 = Bounce, 3 = Jump to cue, 4 = Hold for go)
17. Press [3] [Enter]. Selects Jump to cue style for step 6
Prompt reads:
Select cue number
18. Press [8] [Enter]. Selects cue 8 for Jump to cue. When subroutine reaches step 6, the subroutine ends and runs cue 8. Prompt reads:
Enter blocking status for jump to cue (1=Blocking, 2=No blocking)
19. Press 2.a Specifies that the cue will not cause blocking
20. Complete entering all cue steps and style steps as described above.  
21. Press [Record], enter cue number, and press [Enter] to record subroutine cue.  

Blocking is the default.

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