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Enabling ETCLink in Express

Before using ETCLink functions, you must enable your console to work with the ETCLink network.

After enabling the connection, you should decide how to handle error advisory messages. See Error messages.

Following is one of two ways to enable ETCLink. You may also enable ETCLink using softkey [S1] in the ETCLink Functions menu, shown above.104

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Setup]. Selects Setup menu.
2. Select 6, Options Settings, and press [Enter]. Selects Options Settings menu
3. Press [8], ETCLink, [Enter]. Prompt reads:
Enable/disable ETCLink (1 = Enable, 0 = Disable)
4. Press [1] [Enter]. Dimmer Monitoring is enabled

104 Note that option 9 in the Options Settings menu provides for an ETCLink address setting, which is related to operating more than one console on ETCLink. The default value is 1, and generally should be left as is. If you have questions about this setting, please call ETC Technical Services at the office nearest you.

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