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Formatting Diskettes in Express

Before you can use a diskette in the console, you must format it on either the console or an IBM-compatible personal computer.


Caution-Icon-new.png WARNINGS: Formatting a diskette erases all information recorded on the diskette. Formatting stops any fade in progress. When formatting is complete, the fade jumps to the point it would have reached if it hadn’t been interrupted.

To format a diskette with the console, insert a diskette into the console’s disk drive and follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Setup]. Selects Setup display
2. Press [3], Disk Functions, [Enter]. Selects Diskette Functions menu
3. Press [4], Format Disk, [Enter].  
4. Press [Enter]. Formats the diskette.
Prompt appears:

Formatting disk - Do not remove from drive.
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