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Inserting a Link in Express

Use the edit features softkey [S5], Insert Link, to insert an empty link number ahead of the selected or specified link. All subsequent links will be renumbered.



Note: The order in which links are recorded does not affect their operation. However, your numbering may be useful to you in terms of logical organization.

To insert a link, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Setup] [1][1] [Enter]. Selects Channel Attributes display
2. Press [S7], Link List. Selects Link List display
Prompt reads:
Select link number
3. Press [S5], Insert Link. Prompt reads:
Select link number to insert, then press ENTER.
To cancel, press CLEAR.
4. Press [1] [Enter]. Selects link 1 to insert. All links higher than 1, up to the first gap in the Link List (if any), are renumbered to make room
Prompt reads:
Select X wheel channel number (Precede with AND to add to existing link, or EXCEPT to delete from link)
5. Proceed with normal link entry.a  

See Setting up a link.

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