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Installing an Alphanumeric Keyboard in Express RVI or RIU

Although your console does not support an alphanumeric keyboard, you can connect a keyboard to a Remote Interface Unit or Remote Video Interface. Use the optional keyboard to assign labels to many features of your shows, such as to name the show and the cues, submasters, groups, timed events and programs within it.

You can supply your own keyboard or order one from ETC. If you supply your own, it must be an AT compatible type or switchable to an AT- compatible mode. ETC recommends the Cherry G80-1800 and Keytronic 101 keyboards. Although you may use keyboards from other manufacturers, ETC does not guarantee compatibility.

Caution-Icon-new.png CAUTION: Do not connect or disconnect an alphanumeric keyboard while your system is turned on. Doing so may cause the keyboard to initialize improperly.

Follow these steps to install an alphanumeric keyboard:

  1. Be sure the selector switch is set to the AT position, if applicable.
  2. Insert the keyboard cable into the connector labeled Keyboard on the remote interface unit.

Console connector

DIN 5-pin female

Keyboard pinout

  1. Clock
  2. Data
  3. Reset
  4. Ground
  5. +5 Vdc
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