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Merging Two Links in Express

If you move a link to a space on the Link List which already contains a link, the channels in the moved link are added to the existing link.

To move a link to an occupied space on the Link List, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Setup] [1][1] [Enter]. Selects Channel Attributes display
2. Press [S7], Link List. Selects Link List display
Prompt reads:
Select link number
3. Press [S7], Move Link. Prompt reads:
Select link number(s) to move, then press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR.
4. Press [6] [Enter]. Prompt reads:
To move selected link(s), select target link and press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR

5. Press [7] [Enter]

Prompt reads:
Link already exists –
To confirm, press ENTER To cancel, press CLEAR
6. Press [Enter]. The channels in link 6 are added to the channels in link 7
Note-Icon-new.png Note: To split a link apart, create a new link with the channels you want to move. Since a channel can only be in one link at a time, it will be deleted from the original link and recorded in the new link.
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