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Multipart cues in Express consoles

Multipart cues

A multipart cue consists of up to eight parts, each of which is essentially an independent cue with its own channel levels and timing information. You may set the upfade, downfade and wait times for each part of a multipart cue. Create a cue as a multipart cue or record it first as a standard, one-part cue and then split it later into parts.

Each part of a multipart cue may consist of any number of channels, but a channel may only be included in one part of a multipart cue. If you record a channel in a part and that channel is already included in another part, the channel will be placed in the new part and be removed from the older part automatically.

Wait times in multipart cues allow you to program fades that do not start immediately when you play the multipart cue. When you press [Go] to start a multipart cue, some parts may start immediately and others may start up to 99:59 minutes later, depending on the assigned wait time. The total duration of a multipart cue is equal to the combined wait and fade times of the longest part.

When you display a multipart cue, channel levels that are higher than they were in the previous cue are displayed in blue; channel levels that are lower than they were in the previous cue are displayed in green; and channel levels that are unchanged from the levels in the previous cue are displayed in purple. When a part is selected, channel colors remain the same in that part but channels in other parts are grayed.

Multipart cues can be recorded in either Stage or Blind mode. They are stored like normal cues in the console’s memory and on disk.

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