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Oversized shows on Express consoles

If your show requires more than 600 cues, you can still run it by creating the show in segments, with each segment having less than 600 cues. Follow the procedures below to create and play back an oversized show as a series of separate show segments.

Creating the oversized show

Let’s assume that you want to create a show containing 800 cues. Create the intended show as two, separate shows using the following procedure:

  1. Create a show containing the first 400 cues and store it on a diskette called Beginning. You will have the show called Beginning stored on diskette as well as in console memory.
  2. Next, erase all cues from the show in the console memory (not the one on diskette).
  3. Re-program that show in memory for the remaining 400 cues you need.
  4. Store that second show on a new diskette called End.

Playing back an oversized show

  1. When it’s time to play back the show, load and play back the show called Beginning.
  2. When all cues in Beginning have been played, load and play back the show called End. Arrange the break between shows Beginning and End so that it occurs during a natural break in the show or between cues.
Note-Icon-new.png Note: If you load in show End while playing a cue from show Beginning in the faders, you will not be able to view that Beginning cue in the Blind display. Instead, the Blind display will show the first cue in show End.
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