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Parking Dimmers in Express

Park a dimmer by specifying the dimmer number and level. You may park multiple dimmers at once. When dimmers are parked, the message Park Enabled appears near the top of the Stage display.


Illustrated below is the Park display that you reach with a softkey in the Stage display. The parked channels and dimmers are displayed in the Park display with their levels and focus point links, if any.

Park one or more dimmers as follows:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage display
2.Press [S6], Park, [Dim]. Prompt reads:
Select dimmer number(s), then press ENTER to park, press AT to select level, or press RELEASE to unpark
3. Enter the dimmer number(s) to park, then press [At].a Selects the dimmer to park
Prompt reads:
Enter intensity for park dimmer(s)
4. Enter the level at which to park the dimmer. Parks the dimmer at the selected level
Alert appears:
Parked Dimmers

a  In all references in this chapter to the use of [At] to set a level, you may substitute the [Full] or [Level] keys.

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