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Quickstep on Express consoles

Quickstep allows you to run through a show, checking all cues, without having to wait for fades. When Quickstep is active, the faders ignore all upfade, downfade, follow, and wait times. Cues snap immediately to their completed levels when you press [Go] or [Back].

To enable Quickstep and run a cue check, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage display
2. Press [S7], More Softkeys, [S1], Enable Quickstep. Turns on Quickstep
3. Press [Cue] [1]. Selects cue 1
4. Press [Go]. Cue 1 comes up on stage instantly
5. Continue to press [Go] until you have checked all cues. Each cue comes up on stage instantly
6. Once you are finished, press [S1], Disable Quickstep. Turns off Quickstep; fades will operate normally
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