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Setting a Random Effect Rate in Express

An effect runs at a rate set by the submaster or cue in which the effect is recorded. It can also run at a random rate within minimum and maximum parameters.

Set the minimum and maximum parameters with the following procedure to control the range of randomness of the effect.

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Blind] [Cue] [2]. Selects cue 2 in the Blind display
2. Press [S7], More Softkeys, [S8], Attribute. Displays available attributes across the bottom of the screen
3. Press [S7], Random Rate. Prompt reads:
Select low random rate
(0 to 2000, 100=Normal)
4. Press [5][0] [Enter]. Specifies the slowest effect rate
Prompt reads:
Select high random rate
(0 to 2000, 100=Normal)
5. Press [2][0][0][Enter]. Specifies the highest effect rate

93  Adjusting the rate does not affect the overall Up/Dwell/Down times for the cue or submaster. It does, however, speed up or slow down the individual steps. For information about controlling cue or submaster rates, see pages Rate override and Live control of a submaster’s rate.

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