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Main Processor Error in Expression (1) Consoles

Error Message

Main Processor Error Detected


There are several problems that could cause this error.  Memory Corruption (either hardware or software)  usually is at the root of the problem

Workaround / Fix

If the corruption is simply software, the corruption can be cleared by performing a diagnostics system clear.  Try this first.  Once the diagnostics system clear is performed, if error comes back, there is most likely a hardware memory failure.  The console will need to be sent to the factory to be repaired.

NOTE:Your show should first be saved to disk before trying the following:

To Perform a Diagnostic System Clear:

  1. With Console running, press [SETUP].
  2. Press [6] for System Settings.
  3. Press [Enter].
  4. Press [16].
  5. Press [Enter].


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