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Patching a Multiple Parameter Fixture on an Expression Console


To patch a multiple parameter fixture on Express/Expression/Insight consoles, please follow the steps below. 


Fixture Personalities will still use multiple channels.  It may be easier to simply Patch the addresses and use multiple channels for control.

Steps to Solution

  1. Determine if your console has the personality you need already loaded.  Go to [Setup] > "Moving Lights" > "Personality Setup".
    Expression Personality Setup.png
  2. Note the personality number that you want to use.  If the personality you wish to use is not available, you will need to locate it on the Express Technical Support page, or follow the steps in this support article, Patching a Multiple Parameter Fixture on an Express/Expression/Insight Console.
  3. Go back one screen using [S8] and choose "Fixture Patch". 
    Expression Fixture Patch.png
  4. Choose a Fixture Number, typically starting with 1.  Use arrow keys or press [S3] to navigate the cursor to the "Personality" column.  
  5. Type the Personality number that you want to use and Press [S3].  That personality name will appear in the column.
  6. Use Arrow keys to navigate to the left and fill in the Start Chan and the starting DMX address, beginning with Port number. Choose any other appropriate settings for your personality.
  7. Press [Stage].  Multiple Parameter fixtures will be highlighted with a gray bar.  Type {Fixture} ([S8] on one of the Softkey pages) and the fixture number to select a fixture.  You will get a list of attributes to control.  Use the arrow keys to navigate through attributes.  Use + and - keys to scroll through fixtures.
    Expression Fixture Patch_Stage_Chan1.png
  8. You can also directly control parameters by their channel number.  For instance, Intensity is the 13th attribute of a Studio Color Fixture.  If a Studio Color is patched with Start Chan 1, typing "Chan 13 at 75" would turn the light on at 75%, the same as typing "{Fixture} 1 at 75".

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