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Using Moving Lights in Expression 3.1 Offline or 2x Console

Had a customer that was having problems using encoders in Offline 3.1.  Intensity always falls on Y and then all I can control X never works. He wants to use X and Y for pan and tilt on a 2x.     
First in encoder setup and change the TX and TY to something other than Pan and Tilt.
Then assign Pan to X wheel/encoder and Tilt to Y wheel/encoder.
When offline or the 2x dose not see the encoders it defaults the first in the list and Highlights in yellow and assigns it to the Y wheel/encoder.
You can then use the arrow keys to change any attribute with the Y wheel/encoder.
When you highlight the Y wheel/encoder the X and Y encoders work as expected. 
There is a strange behavior though:  If to highlight the X wheel/ encoder.
It fillips control with the Y Wheel/encoder. So X runs Y, and Y runs X. 

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