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How To Create fixture Profiles for Insight Console


If you need to patch multiple parameter fixtures, such as LEDs or Moving lights, you may need to build the personality file for that fixture and then load it into the console using a 3.5" floppy disk.  

Steps to Solution

  1. First, check the Express Technical Support Page to see if the personality already exists.  ETC has compiled several Personalities files for Express/Expression/Insight.
  2. If the personality cannot be found in a pre-made file, you will need to build the personality on a Windows 32-bit or lower OS using the Expression Personality Editor software (same link as personalities). The Expression Personality Editor download includes a PDF QuickGuide explaining how to use the software.
  3. Create and save a personality with a .prs extension.
  4. Save that file to a 3.5" floppy disk and insert the floppy into the console.
  5. Load the personality into the console from Setup > Moving Light Functions > Personality Setup.

See the "Related Links" section below for instructions on patching a multiple parameter personalities.


If you are having difficulty loading your new profile following the steps above (and you've verified that the floppy disk has been formatted to FAT), it is possible that your fixture profile is corrupt. 

Messages like "Bad Disk" or "Corrupted Disk" may appear when loading a profile that was created on a 64-bit machine as opposed to a 32-bit machine. If you do not have a 32-bit computer, please launch the Expression Personality Editor software in a 32-bit virtual machine. 

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