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Why do channel values from the previous cue remain when I press GO on Express or Expression?


When I press [GO] on my Express or Expression, the channel values from the previous cue remain. If I continue to press go, all of the previous cue's values are still there. How do I make sure the previous cues advance properly?

Explanation of Issue

The Express and Expression have two playback pairs: A/B and C/D. This allows a programmer to play back two cues concurrently. It's possible that the "previous" cue is being played back on a different pair, and won't go away until that playback pair has been cleared. When only one playback pair is being used, the more likely cause is that the B (or D) fader is down.

In each pair, the first fader (A or C) controls the up fade time of the cue, while the second fader (B or D) controls the down fade time of the cue. The following explanation focuses on the A/B pair, but the same applies to the C/D pair. With both faders in the pair all the way up, the console will follow the up/down fade timing recorded into your cue. When the faders are both all the way down, the console assumes the user wants to advance the cue manually by pushing the faders up to the top. If the faders are part way down (for example at 50%), when you push go the console will automatically fade until it reaches the point which the fader is at, and then assumes the rest of the fade will be done manually.

When you push [GO] with B down and A up the console is automatically bringing up the channels for the next cue, but will not take the channels from the previous cue down since it is waiting for the user to manually fade them by pushing the B fader up.


Make sure both the A/B faders (or C/D faders) are all the way up to use the timing programmed into your cues. If you find that both faders are all the way up, there could be a physical problem with the fader pot, and you could contact ETC Technical Services for further assistance.


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