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Expression Family RFU Compatibility


There are two generations of RFU for use with the Expression family of consoles. The original RFU has three seven-segment LED displays and is only compatible with the following consoles:

  • Expression
  • Insight
  • Impression
  • Concept



The RFU2 has a single LCD display and is compatible with the following consoles:

  • Expression 2 and 2x
  • Expression 3
  • Insight 2 and 2x
  • Insight 3
  • Impression 2
  • Concept 2x
  • Express (all variants)




Note that while an RFU plugged into an incompatible console will power up, it will not function properly and its display will show garbage text. As the cable pinout and voltages for both generations of RFU are the same, this should not damage your RFU or console.

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