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Obsession Macro: Inconsistent Operation


I have a macro in my show that doesn't function properly whenever we are setting channel levels manually from the keypad. This doesn't happen all of the time, but it is frustrating when it does and our show doesn't look right. What's wrong with macro's?


Macros by definition, are shortcuts for keypad input. When you play a macro, the Obsession virtually does all of the key-hits you would have done in the order you programmed them. If the command line contains an unfinished entry and a macro is run, it is possible for the Macro to cause an invalid input error and not complete the operation the macro was programmed for. To avoid this you can place a display command at the beginning of each macro. This will select the proper display the macro is intended to function in and also clear the command line before sending it's own commands. To clarify, yes the Obsession can do more than one thing at a time, but it only has one command line, and macros are a form of command line entry.

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