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Obsession Off-Line 3.1.2 Web Installation for Windows 95/98

  1. Save the Obsession Off-Line installer to your hard drive.
  2. From where you saved it, double-click the installer's icon. The installer is called ObsOf312.exe.
  3. The "Unzip to folder" path will default to "C:\". Do not change this, as this is the recommended drive to install into. Obsession Off-Line requires a specific directory path. From the default "C:\", the installer will automatically install Obsession Off-Line into the "C:\ETC\OBSN312" directory. If this directory does not exist, it will be created. To install now, click Unzip.
  4. When the installer is finished, a dialog box will appear indicating that the files were installed successfully. Click Ok, and then click Close.

The installer will also install a shortcut for Obsession Offline 3.1.2 in the programs listing of the start menu.

To run Off-Line, close all running programs and select "OBS312" inside the Obsession Offline 3.1.2 folder in the programs section of the Start Menu. This will reboot to DOS and launch the Offline program.


Warning: Other methods of launching Obsession Off-Line 3.1.2 may not be successful. The shortcut we install in your Start Menu includes a custom config.sys file that is needed for successful operation of the Off-Line program.

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