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Obsession Off-Line Crashes When Trying to Print

* this article pertains to older Obsession offline software, not the final release v. 2.4.3*


Customers using Obsession Off-Line for Windows 95/95 , we found a bug in the original release of this software that caused the application to crash when the user tried to print from the Obsession Print menu. This bug has been fixed and a new version of OOLw is now available for download from the Web site.


If you have customers who have trouble printing from OOL, please refer to page 4 of the OOL Quick Guide:

Print from Obsession Off-Line

Obsession Off-Line will print to whatever printer you have connected to the parallel port of your computer. If you do not have a printer connected to your computer, or if your computer uses a network printer rather than a local printer, an error message is displayed saying the printer can't be located.

If you do not have a local printer, or if your printer is off, Obsession Off-Line will create a file named PRN01.$$$ in the Obsession Off-Line directory, C:\ETC\obsn.You can read and edit PRN01.$$$ with any word processor or text editor.

Open the PRN01.$$$ file:

Step 1: Double-click the file. Windows will ask you what application you want to use to read it.
Step 2: Select an application and click OK.


Note: To dedicate the file to a certain word processor, change the file's extension from $$$ to whatever your word processor uses, for example ".doc" for Microsoft Word, or ".txt" to use a text editor.


CAUTION: Every print file created as explained above is named the same thing and stored in the same place. New print files overwrite existing ones using the same name. If you want to reserve a print file and ensure it won't be overwritten, change its file name or move it to another location.

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