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Hardware Changes For The Obsession II Designers Remote Console (DRC)

There were only a handful of hardware changes for the release of the Obsn II DRC.  The Obsn II DRC is essentially a smaller version of an Obsession II console.

  1. DRC has no submasters or faders
  2. DRC only supports UTP (twisted pair) network type.  The BNC (thinnet) connector was removed from the back to allow space for other connections.
  3. DRC has a slight mechanical layout change to the Keyswitch PCB, although the Keyswitch PCB is the same electronically.
  4. DRC and Console have a new power supply and relay PCB, which resolves switch arcing problems when consoles are used in 220vac locations.  The relay PCB resolves the inrush current problem by placing two SCRs in parallel.  The first SCR opens and allows the power supply to start.  Then after a number of cycles, the second SCR closes.


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