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How to convert a showfile from Obsession to Obsession II

To convert a showfile from OBSN1 to OBSN2:

  1. Exit to DOS using a keyboard and monitor connected directly to the OBSN2 processor.
  2. When the "C:\" comes up type "obstrans" and hit [ENTER] to get to the Show Translator Menu.
  3. Put the OBSN1 show file disk into the processor disk drive.  Make sure that the scroll lock is still on. 
    The order of menus to convert the show file is:

#3 - Read All
#4 - Format Disk
#1 - Store show as a 4.x show on diskette

  1. Hit [CTRL]+[F8] to exit the processor to DOS.  Use the power button to turn off the processor and turn it back on.

Once an OBSN showfile is in OBSN II 4.x format it can be opened in 4.x or 5.x consoles or offline software.

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