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Obsession II Face Panel Keyboard Unresponsive (Sub Mode)


None of the keys on the keyboard including GO and Stop/Back. However submasters seem to work normally.


Someone has reset the Face Panel to operate in Submaster Mode. Because a Submaster Panel doesn't have a keyboard, the unit does not respond to keyboard input.


  1. Reboot Obsession Console
  2. When prompted to press GO+STOP/BACK, press sub bumps 1,2,3, & 4 simultaneously.
  3. At menu screen navigate using sub bump 1 as up arrow, bump 2 as down arrow, bump 3 as enter, bump 4 as clear. Go into Category 6 (Console Mode)
  4. Select option 1 (Full Console Mode)
  5. Return to previous screen with S8 (sub bumps 25-32 are S1-S8 respectively)
  6. Press S8 again to start in console mode
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