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P101 Fader Pots

There are two types of P101's potentiometers. These are used primarily in older ACS systems, older SD Dimmer packs, and Designer and CH200 consoles.  The original Noble B5k 8536, has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The replacement is an Alpha 5K and is currently stocked as a P101 and is still being manufactured.

The problem is the replacement and the original have different footprints. 

In applications that do not require the potentiometers to be soldered directly into the printed circuit board, we can use the new Alpha potentiometer version as long as compensation is made for pin position change on the new pot.  The pin number are the same just the pin position has changed.  Wire 1 to 1.  Here is an example of directly wired potentiometer.

If a through hole application to a PC board is the situation, we have a small stock of used original P101's Noble B5k 8536 are $35 each them (approx 15) then we will need to depopulate boards to get them, thus the costing. If you need to order original P101's Noble please refer to them as P101-PC, this will save the confusion of which one is needed.

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