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SmartFade ML Console Fixture Library

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Using the Fixture Library

The Fixture Library allows you to "Load" up to 100 of the fixture personality templates you need into your console, where they will remain available for patching in any future show until the console is 'deep cleared' or the backup battery is exhausted.

The process is described in the v3.0.1 manual on page #8 (14 in PDF) "Load Personalities from Card".  New Beta Fixture Libraries are available on the SmartFade ML Downloads page.

  • Place the PERSLIB.BIN on an SD Card
  • Insert the SD Card into the console
  • [Menu] > Patch > Patch Devices > Load Personalities
  • Choose Manufacturer with Wheel 1 or 2
  • Choose Fixture with Wheel 3
  • Press [Tick] /enter to confirm

Personalities that have been loaded into your console appear in the "Loaded" manufacturer near the top of the list in the Patch Wizard.

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