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Why Is My SmartFade ML Losing Patch Or Show Data When It Is Unplugged?


Smartfade console is losing show data and/or patch when it is powered off

Explanation of Issue

Show data is stored in SRAM onboard the main fader board of a Smartfade console

Smartfade console variants 1248, 1296, 2496 use a super capacitor to provide power to SRAM when the console is unpowered. Internal testing has shown that data can be retained for up to six weeks before data loss occurs if the console is not powered on. The average length of time for data retention is 2-5 weeks and will drop slowly over time as the super capacitor and SRAM age. If the console is expected to be unpowered for longer than two weeks, please consider saving your show file to an SD card

A fully discharged super capacitor does take some time to charge. It should be fully charged within 30 seconds of powering on the console. The super capacitor will only charge when the console is powered on and will begin to drain when the console is powered off

Smartfade ML uses a battery to provide power to the SRAM for data retention while the console is unpowered. If show data is being lost every time the Smartfade ML console is unpowered, the battery can be replaced in the field. The following battery is used and can be purchased from a store that carries the listed battery part number:

Description ETC Part Number Battery Part Number
3V Lithium-Ion Coin Cell 24mm (Smartfade ML variant only) BT137 CR2477


If show data is being lost immediately after replacing the battery in the Smartfade ML variant, there may be an issue with the SRAM, the battery circuitry, or there may be corrosion damage

If show data is being lost immediately upon powering off the console in the Smartfade 1248, 1296, or 2496 variants, please contact your preferred ETC dealer or ETC technical services to set up a repair


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