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Fader outputs go up and stay up. Adjusting faders down does not adjust output down


After faders are moved up, the output does not go down when the faders go down

Description/Explanation of Issue

The DMX Out transceiver has failed. The microprocessor still outputs the correct data, but as the data at the DMX Out transceiver is effectively stuck at the highest point, it will continue to output the highest point of the fader or faders.

This problem can be fixed in the field if new DMX transceivers are available.


Description ETC Part Number
DMX Transceiver Z1458-F


  1. Power off and unplug all cables from the Smartfade console
  2. Turn the Smartfade over and unscrew the 6 (1248/1296 variant) or 10 (2496/ML variant) along the edges
  3. Carefully lift the bottom tray off of the top face panel. The ribbon cable does not need to be unplugged
  4. Locate and identify the I/O board in the bottom tray. The I/O board will either be green or blue.
  5. Locate the DMX transceivers and remove them
    1. For GREEN I/O boards, the DMX transceivers are at U2 and U5
    2. For BLUE I/O boards, the DMX transceivers are at U1 and U6
  6. Insert new DMX transceivers, making sure pin 1 on the chip (marked with an indented dot) is closest to the notched markings on the I/O board's silkscreen outline
  7. Plug the ribbon cable back into the I/O board if it was unplugged earlier
  8. Carefully place the bottom tray back onto the face panel, being sure not to pinch the LCD ribbon cable between the two halves
  9. Screw the two halves back together
  10. Plug the cables back into the console and test the outputs

    Note: If new DMX transceivers are not available on-site and the console must be used immediately, the DMX In transceiver can be used as long as the DMX In port is not in-use.
    1. For GREEN I/O boards, the DMX In transceiver is at U5
    2. For BLUE I/O boards, the DMX In transceiver is at U6


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