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Smartfade Console Shuts Off Immediately After Booting


Smartfade console shuts off immediately after booting
All bump LEDs shut off
LCD has no output
ETC Logo in the corner may or may not be on

Explanation of Issue

This is a very rare issue. There are two possible causes:

  • The power board has a problem
  • A bug or setting in the current show file a setting is causing an unhandled exception and the console shut down

If the issue is caused by a bug or setting, then it can be fixed in the field by deep clearing the SRAM through the memory test in the manufacturing test mode


In order to narrow down the issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Boot into the manufacturing test mode by pressing and holding the Menu button while powering up the console
  2. Release the Menu button and the test mode should move to the bump and fader test mode
    1. If the console stays powered on and is in testing mode, the problem would indicate a bug in the app code. If the console shuts off, the power board may be the issue
      1. If the console remains powered on, note that to clear the bug will require proceeding through all of the tests to deep clear the SRAM. This will erase the show file currently in memory
      2. Proceed through all the tests. Some tests will fail--this is OK. The relevant test is the memory test. Allow the memory test to run and clear the SRAM
      3. Continue through the remaining menus until the console shuts down on its own
      4. Power on the console. The console should now boot into the startup menu and be ready to use once again
  3. If the console shuts down after entering test mode, or the problem persists after deep clearing the SRAM, this may indicate a problem with the power board, or a deeper issue with the face panel itself
  4. Please contact your preferred ETC dealer or ETC Technical Services


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