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The Step In My SmartFade Stack Won't Take the Correct Down Time


I have edited the Step (i.e. Step 5) in my Stack to have a "U" (up time) of 5 and a "D" (down time) of 10 and a "W" (wait time) of 0. When I go into the next Step (i.e. Step 6), however, the previous step (i.e. Step 5) seems to take a shorter down time than 10 seconds. 


When editing a Step's timing please note that the U, D, and W times are referring to the fade times occurring when first going in to that Step.

In other words, hitting GO to launch Step 5 in the above example will cause the up fading lights in Step 5 to have a time of 5 and the down fading lights from the previous step to have a time of 10. If on the next GO you want Step 5 to fade down in 10 seconds, please edit the D time in the subsequent step to 10. 

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