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EBDK not Properly Switching out of Emergency troubleshooting


I've ensured that all the wiring in the Emergency Bypass Detection Kit (EBDK) is accurate, but the racks it controls do not switch out from Emergency.

Even when I'm cycling the breaker on the EBDK, it does not swap over to Normal.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This behavior is usually caused by two common oversights in wiring up the EBDK.

Most importantly, the EBDK is looking for all three phases of power when determining emergency.

If one of the phases drops out, the EBDK will put itself into panic.

A second reason for the EBDK to go into panic would be caused by the Fire Alarm Jumper not being installed in the EBDK.

This Fire Alarm Jumper should be installed by default from the factory, but is easily removed.

If all of the wiring including the above mentioned is correct, you may have an EBDK Reset switch.

If you have a reset switch, once the EBDK goes into emergency it can only be restored to normal by pressing the button on the reset switch.


  1. Check and ensure you have 120v between Phase L1 through Phase L3 to Neutral.
    1. If you are wiring up a single phase system, you will want to land a jumper from Phase L1 to Phase L2, and Phase L2 to Phase L3
  2. Ensure that you have the little yellow jumper that are bridging the contacts between Fire Alarm: Input and Fire Alarm: V Out.
    1. If the plastic jumper piece is missing, you can simply jump the contacts together with a short piece of wire.
    2. If you would like to order a replacement plastic jumper, this is ETC Part #: J30001-F

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