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How to Connect Two Emergency Bypass Detection Kits (EBDK) to a single Fire Alarm Relay


How can I wire two(2) EBDK's to a single Fire Alarm relay so that in an emergency state, both EBDK's will be triggered? 



NOTE: This procedure will only work if you are using a Normally Closed Dry Contact for the Fire Alarm relay.  Normally open will not function in this particular setup.   

Wire  the fire alarm relay to Input and V Out of EBDK #1.  Use NC(normally closed) and Common from an output on EBDK 1 to wire into the fire alarm Input and Common on EBDK 2.

This will allow the Fire Alarm to trigger both EBDK's into emergency. However, if EBDK 2 loses power, it will trigger its outputs, but will not put EBDK 1 into emergency as well.