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Sensor IQ Tap Kit for ELTS2 Sense Feed


Can I use a Sensor IQ Tap Kit (7131K1716) to create a normal sense feed for the Emergency Lighting Transfer System 2 (ELTS2)?


At original release of the Sensor IQ Tap Kit this was not supported.  The fuses included with the Sensor IQ Tap Kit were not of a high enough amperage to support this.  This original fuse was only 2.5A.

However, as of March 18, 2020, we have revised the Sensor IQ Tap Kit to now include 20A fuses instead of the smaller 2.5A fuses.  This change was specifically made to accommodate use for ELTS2 normal sense feed.  

If your Sensor IQ Tap Kit shipped around this time and you intend to use it in this fashion, please confirm you have the 20A fuses.  If you do not, please contact your ETC dealer or ETC Technical Services.


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