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AC Voltage on 0-10v Lines


0-10v Analog dimming uses DC voltage.  ETC Fluorescent Option Cards and 0-10v Gateways should be used with isolated 0-10v drivers to reduce the risk of damage.  This means little or no AC voltage should be present on the 0-10v lines.  While some small amounts of AC voltage can be handled, more than a few volts can cause damage to the option card or gateway electronics. 

.  Damage caused to ETC product by mains voltage leaks on 0-10V control lines is not covered under warranty.

Checking for AC Voltage

In order to check your lines for AC voltage, first they must be removed from the 0-10v card or gateway.  Disconnect these lines but leave the fixture drivers powered.  Using a True RMS Multimeter, test for AC voltage on positive (typically violet) and negative (typically grey).  Next, meter each side to ground.  Over 15vAC is acceptable though less than ideal.  20vAC and higher will cause damage to electronics.

Do not work inside of a live rack!  When testing please make sure rack is closed and 0-10v wiring has been removed from the enclosure.


  • Filters can be installed on the 0-10v lines to filter out the AC voltage.  One filter would be needed per line.  The ETC part number for these filters is SGE1508. 
  • This filter is manufactured by EATON and is EATON model number RFI-010v-1 LC, part number 12512441.
  • Filters must be installed outside of the rack enclosure when used with Fluorescent Option cards as they are not rated for the amount of heat generated by a dimming rack.


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