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B96M & B96F Dimmer Connector Interface

The B96M (male) connector interface module provides an interface between ten-pin female Cinch-Jones connectors and male Centronics-type (aka Champ) connectors.  The B96F (female) module provides an interface between male ten-pin Cinch-Jones connectors and female Centronics-type connectors.


B96F image.jpg B96M image.jpg

B96F is used with 96 In


  • 3 female Centronics-type
  • 16 male Cinch-Jones

B96M is used with 96 Out
(A)32 Out, 512 Out


  • 3 male Centronics-type
  • 16 female Cinch-Jones

The B96M and B96F are fabricated of .100 aluminum and are equipped with integral carry handles and brass cable tie bars.  The dimensions are 13.25" W x 2.5" H x 8.0" D.  All metal parts are finished with baked, textured, black enamel.  Labeling is reverse silk screened in yellow on black.

Each Centronics-type connector is 36-pin wired to accommodate 32 dimmers.  Pins 1 through 32 on Centronics-type connector rumber one carry signals for circuits 1 through 32 (Connectors two and three carry signal for circuits 33 through 64 and 65 through 96 respectively).  Pins 35 and 36 are ground on all three.

Each Cinch-Jones connector is 10-pin wired to accommodate six dimmers.  Pins 1 through 6 carry control signal.  Pin 8 is ground.  Pins 7, 9 and 10 are not used.  In analog systems, consoles have female Cinch-Jones and dimmers have male Cinch-Jones.

Typical Configuration.jpg

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