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ETC LED Fixture Not Powering On


My ETC LED fixture (S4LED, ColorSource, Desire, Selador, S4WRD, etc) is not powering on.

Description/Explanation of Issue

All LED fixtures contain an internal power supply. If your fixture will not power on, it is possible that the power supply has an issue and needs to be replaced or the fixture should be sent in for repair. Before moving forward with a replacement or repair, make sure to verify/check the following:

Things to Check

  1. Does the fixture have power coming to it? Have you tried another power source or swapped with a known good power source for a fixture that is working?
  2. Have you tried another power cable for the fixture?
  3. If the fixture is in a chain that has daisy-chained power, does it successfully pass power to the fixtures downstream of it?
  4. If you are familiar with and comfortable with opening the fixture, have you checked to make sure the connections to the power supply hav enot come loose?