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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ETC Orlando Repair Department Closure

As of the end of August, 2020, ETC Orlando's repair department is closed.

ETC's Orlando repair technician has decided to relocate, and due to current circumstances we will not be filling the position in Florida at this time.  All repairs will now need to ship to Wisconsin.  We have developed a system that we believe assists with making this simpler for our customers. 

It begins with you having local contacts to assist with troubleshooting the product.  If a repair is needed, there will be a local contact who will gather all of the necessary information.  At that point the Return Order will be created and sent to you.  You will then ship the items to ETC in Wisconsin, or you can bring them to our office and we will ship them for you.  Once the repair is complete the items will be returned directly to you or to our Orlando office if you would rather pick them up there.

It should also be noted that while these repairs will now be occurring in Wisconsin instead of here in Orlando, we believe this will have little or no effect on the amount of time needed to repair your equipment and return it to you.   This is especially true when we factor in the large quantities of replacement parts and numerous technicians we have in Wisconsin while here in Orlando we only had one technician (although extremely good) and a limited space for replacement parts.


For local trouble shooting you can contact the Themed Environment Field Service Engineers: 


If a repair is needed you can contact our Orlando office:


  • Information that we will need:

    • Park / Attraction

    • Contact Info

    • Product type

    • Serial Number

    • Issue/s

    • What troubleshooting has been performed

    • Do you wish to ship direct or drop off at our office

    • Return directly to you or to our office

      • Address if direct to you


  • Shipping Address if you chose to ship direct

Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

Attention: Repair Department

ETC RMA# _________________________

3031 Pleasant View Road

Middleton, WI 53562



Please contact Scott O'Donnell with any questions, concerns or if you need further assistance..


Scott O'Donnell  |  Themed Environment Specialist  |  ETC, Inc.  |  Office: (407) 241-4037  |  Toll Free: (888) 908-2171  |  WeChat ID = scottoetc


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