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How Many BTU's Are There In A Watt-Hour?

Each Electrical Watt generates 3.412 BTU per hour

A Source 4 with a 375 watt lamp would generate 1279.5 BTU per hour
A Source 4 with a 575 watt lamp would generate 1961.9 BTU per hour
A Source 4 with a 750 watt lamp would generate 2559 BTU per hour

For Sensor calculations you should check the Sensor Dimmer Module BTU dissipation. How many BTU's are there in a Watt-Hour?n entry.

This calculation is useful for determining air handling in a building based on light output. Electrical Watt hours are different from Kilowatt hours in that Electrical Watt hours are energy output and Kilowatt hours are energy consumed.

BRITISH THERMAL UNIT (BTU):  The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.

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