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Universe 1 of Artnet Will Rebroadcast if both sACN and Artnet are Present with a City Theatrical Multiverse Transmitter


Although this is not an issue with an ETC product, it has been observed when used in conjunction with our products.

If both sACN and Artnet are both enabled on a network at the same time, Universe 1 of Artnet rebroadcast to all universes from the City Theatrical Multiverse Transmitter.

Explanation of Issue

This is likely a bug in the City Theatrical Multiverse Transmitter code.


  1. City Theatrical will provide a fix and updated firmware when a fix becomes available.
  2. If using an ETC Console, you may choose to disable either sACN or Artnet if you are only using one.
    1. In Eos Family consoles and ETCnomad Eos this setting is in the shell.
    2. In Congo and Cobalt Family consoles and ETCnomad Congo/Cobalt this is in the system settings.


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