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WannaCry Patch Information

WannaCry ransomware uses a vulnerability in a protocol known as SMB existing in many versions of Windows to infect systems around the world.  Patches were released in 2017 to address this vulnerability.

We have a patch available to address this vulnerability for all of our platforms that use Windows Embedded: Eos Family and Cobalt Family Consoles, Unison Paradigm P-TS18 and P-TSI Touchscreens, and Foundation Rigging Controllers.

For Eos and Cobalt Family consoles and P-TS18/P-TSI stations, the patch can be downloaded at  The downloaded patch will include a readme file with instructions for applying it to your system.

For Foundation controllers, contact your ETC Authorized Rigging Installer to arrange for the update.

If you have any questions, please contact ETC Technical Services. Contact information is listed below.

Local 608-831-4116
Toll-Free 800-688-4116      

Europe, The Middle East & Africa
(+44) (0) 208 753 0984

Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Eastern Europe & Russia

(+49) 8024 4700-0

(+852) 2799 1220

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